Improving Quality of Life Through Effective Intervention
Trish Lewandoski


Clinical Supervisor

While working on her Bachelor’s degree, and having taken one course in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Trish enrolled in an internship as an ABA therapist. By the end of the internship, Trish realized how profound just a few months of ABA therapy was for the student that she worked with. In addition, Trish also felt an enormous sense of pride in the work that she had done to help that student. As a result, Trish knew that she wanted to complete a Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. Trish has experience working with individuals 18 months to 30 years old. She has worked in homes, public schools and center-based therapy settings. Regardless of age or setting, Trish continues to find a sense of pride and fulfillment when her clients meet new goals and overcome barriers.

Trish measures success by improving the quality of life not just for the client she is working with, but also for the family as a whole. Her favorite part of her job is when a parent reports that their child has made socially significant progress, i.e. the child now has the skills to participate in a meaningful family event; such as eating a meal as a family. It is these types of successes, that motivate Trish to grow as a professional, and help families successfully navigate new challenges they may be faced with.

Trish enjoys spending time with her husband and their two daughters. When not volunteering to help with her daughter’s extracurricular activities, Trish can usually be found relaxing next to a fire or reading a good book.