Improving Quality of Life Through Effective Intervention
Sharayah Tai


Shay initially began her career path pursuing a degree as a Licensed Mental Health Clinician until she took an introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) course and fell in love with the science of ABA. Shay continued with her education and received her master’s degree in ABA from the University of South Florida. She began her career in ABA working with children under the age of 6 who were diagnosed with Autism, however quickly gained experience working with older children in various settings including group homes, schools, in-home and clinic settings. Shay’s ABA interests also stretch beyond working with individuals with special needs, in that she uses ABA in the realm of sports to enhance athletic performance of individuals with all abilities with both children and adults.

Shay’s primary interests are not only working with the individual but training parents and family members as well. Shay enjoys teaching others about ABA and has presented at several state conferences. She has also hosted numerous RBT trainings for behavior therapists entering the field, eager to learn more about ABA.

Shay measures her success in her work when she sees the individuals that she works with meet and surpass their goals and begin to connect and communicate effectively with the world around them, as well as seeing their world connect with them. Shay believes that there is no greater feeling than seeing a parent able to communicate and understand their child for the first time.

Shay is a native of Tampa, FL and lives an active lifestyle enjoying kite boarding, surfing, longboarding, hiking, camping and anything that allows her to be outdoors in her free time. She can also be found coaching youth football, playing flag football, in the gym, or training for her next marathon or obstacle course race when she isn’t working.