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Direct therapy is available for individuals who need direct instruction in any area. Direct instruction is best for skill acquisition or during the early stages of learning.

Small group therapy is available for social groups, play dates, and other natural environment training activities. Small group instruction is beneficial as a means of promoting maintenance and generalization of acquired or mastered skills. Small group instruction is also a means of fading adult support and allowing children to become more independent.

We offer assistance with toilet training. We can coach parents through the toilet training process or we can provide support for your ABA team to implement. We can train your school staff how to implement appropriate toilet training programs. Most toilet training therapy is completed within one weekend. However, more difficult cases may require additional services.

We offer assistance with feeding intervention.


We offer assistance to help your child develop a sleep routine. We can assist you in implementing interventions to address sleeping problems experienced by young children and individuals with autism.

We offer assistance for teaching your child to learn to swallow medication. We can provide this service in your home or if you do not live near one of our offices, we can use Skype or similar to assist you.

We offer assistance to help you address challenging behaviors. We can help you with tantrums, off-task behaviors, non-compliance, swearing, aggression, self-injurious behavior, and stereotypical behaviors such as stimming and hand flapping. Services can be provided directly or through supervision and training.

We offer intervention to teach your child to use augmentative and alternative communication including the popular app Proloquo2go. Services may be provided directly or through training and consultation.

We offer intervention to address school behaviors such as how to develop study skills, how to address executive functioning, and how to teach theory of mind.


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We are pleased to be using BIP Track for our data collection and reporting within our home and school programs. If you are interested in this program, please visit their website

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