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We offer a number of different assessments.

Assessment Checklist

Functional behavioral assessments (FBA) are completed to determine why your child, student, or client is engaging in challenging behavior. Our FBAs include parent and staff interviews, rating scales, direct observations, analysis of direct observation data, and functional analysis if warranted. An FBA can generally be completed in about 1-2 weeks time once it is scheduled. More difficult cases may require additional observation and analysis.

Language assessments are used to determine where your child, student, or client is performing in the area of receptive and expressive language. We offer norm-referenced assessments of expressive and receptive language. We also offer language sampling and analysis. We will also assist with the completion of criterion referenced assessments to help develop appropriate language goals.

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Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) assessments assist in determining what supports your child, student, or client needs to be a better communicator. This service is only available in Connecticut. However, we can also assist you in finding an appropriate evaluator in your area.

Preference assessments are completed to determine what stimuli serve as reinforcers for your child, student, or client. We offer a number of preference assessments including rating scales, direct assessment, and observational assessments. Preference assessments should be completed frequently as part of a regular behavior program. Additionally preference assessments are a helpful addition to an FBA.

Functional analysis is implemented to determine how your child, student, or client's challenging behavior is influenced by a variety of variables. We offer functional analysis if needed as part of an FBA. We also offer consultation and supervision services for you or your staff if a functional analysis is needed.

Program analysis is available to determine what your child, student, or client needs and if your child is receiving what he/she needs. We will review the current program and offer recommendations. Program analysis often includes observation of your child, student, or client in multiple settings. Program analysis also includes a comprehensive record review.

We are pleased to work with the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) to use their assessment and curriculum SKILLS with our clients when it's appropriate. For additional information on this tool, please visit their website: