Improving Quality of Life Through Effective Intervention
Sara Hult


Regional Clinical Director

It's not every day that someone stumbles into a career in ABA. However, that is exactly how it happened for Sara. Twenty years ago, Sara answered an ad in the paper for a "no experience required" therapist for a family's two year old son with autism. Ready for the challenge, Sara began working with discrete trail behavior therapy, and immediately knew it was what she wanted to do as her career.

In measuring success, Sara believes that the amount of change doesn't matter, because even the smallest step towards a better life is a huge success. She has worked with so many children who are labeled "unreachable," only to find that with enough strength and determination they are able to break through. These break through moments make it possible to continue teaching children and improve their quality of life, and that is what continues to motivate Sara to excel in her field.

Sara was born a traveler. Her family moved a lot, so even though she was born in Buffalo, New York, Sara spent her youth growing up in places such as Japan and Hong Kong. She shares her love of travel with her family; honeymooning in Africa, and now conquering the States with their two children. Two places that are top on her list to visit next are the Grand Canyon, and a trek to the base camp of Everest.