Improving Quality of Life Through Effective Intervention
Regina Symons


Regional Clinical Director

Regina always sees the good in all people and loves to help them grow. This began with her early education in Criminology and Social Policy when she completed a master’s degree in the United Kingdom (UK), conducting research in a probation program. Her initial plan was to continue her career in the probation field to help people reform.

Upon Regina’s relocation back to Connecticut, Regina was met with a hiring freeze for probation services in the state. As a result, Regina changed course and started a job as an ABA therapist in a school program. Within her first few weeks of starting, she taught a three-year-old boy his first word without fully knowing that she was using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The incremental growth Regina saw every day was inspiring. Regina realized that she then needed to learn everything she could about ABA. She immediately started postgraduate courses in ABA and became certified as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2005.

After becoming certified, Regina moved to the UK and started a mentoring program for young people with autism while working as a Consultant for intensive ABA programs, providing services to families in the UK and other countries in Europe. Regina returned to CT with her family, after her son was born, where she continued her career in ABA working in various settings including schools, homes, and clinics. She has had many valuable opportunities in which she developed her clinical and leadership skills. Regina feels so lucky to have worked with so many talented clinicians in the field who have helped shape who she is today.

Becoming a parent helped Regina to see things from a different lens, teaching her compassion and flexibility while still using the science of ABA. Regina is passionate about clients always reaching their full potential and encouraging others to raise their expectations of them. Regina also loves supervising others, teaching them to become dedicated ABA clinicians, and continuing to learn with them. Regina measures success by the changed lives and new hope in families thanks to ABA.

Regina lives in Fairfield County with her husband and son. Regina loves reading, spending time with family and friends, and travelling to explore new places around the world.