Improving Quality of Life Through Effective Intervention
Kara Pelletier


Kara started her career in Applied Behavior Analysis working with children and adolescents who were affected by Autism after finishing her Undergraduate degree. Through this experience, Kara immediately realized the positive difference that ABA was making in the lives of individuals and families who were affected by Autism. It is because of this, that Kara returned to school to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She quickly realized that that a career in ABA was something that she could happily spend her life doing.

When measuring success, Kara considers even the smallest gains successful steps toward ultimate outcomes. Whether it be a child learning to ask for help or a child learning to utilize coping strategies in place of exhibiting challenging behaviors. Kara believes in the importance of teaching individuals necessary skills that are valuable for a happy and fulfilled life.
Kara grew up in Connecticut and has spent extensive time traveling along the East Coast and throughout New England. In her spare time, Kara can be found outside hiking, biking, camping, or relaxing in her hammock while reading a book. Kara enjoys traveling, more specifically taking road trips throughout the U.S. to visit the National Parks & Forests. She hopes to one day thru-hike the Appalachian Trail.