Improving Quality of Life Through Effective Intervention
Missy Olive


"When parents tell me that I have changed their lives, I know that what I am doing is working."

Missy Olive's brother Mac is the foundation of her mission for Applied Behavior Analysis . In her early teens Missy, along with her 3 other brothers, traveled with her Mom and Mac to his ABA therapy. She credits her pursuit of helping children to working with her family to help Mac complete his ABA homework. Her mother's legacy remains a strong influence because of her determination to make life better for her brother.

Attending school for elementary education, and special education, Missy further saw the true impact ABA had on children with and without disabilities. She became an advocate for parents and teachers learning ABA, eventually attending graduate school to translate research on teaching to better practice in classrooms. It was during her education that she learned how much she could do with ABA, falling in love with the science of ABA, and understanding how to relate to children and their parents.

Missy finds success in her work when she is able to meet the goals that parents, and guardians have identified. She hopes to continue to promote ABA, and it's success to the world. Her dedication to teaching how to use ABA is matched by her passion to see change in how parents, teachers, and legislators see ABA, and the people who benefit from it.

Mac is still a very big part of Missy's life. He is a constant influence on her and her family. Missy lives with her husband, Norm, and his two daughters, her "bonus children", as she calls them. She grew up in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee and has lived in Nashville, Minneapolis, Reno and Austin, Texas before settling down in Woodbridge, Connecticut. Her hobbies include running, cycling, Gluten-free baking, and traveling. She has been to all 50 states.