Improving Quality of Life Through Effective Intervention
Colleen DeMello


Assistant Executive Director

Colleen began her career in Applied Behavior Analysis working with adults with ASD and Developmental and Psychiatric Disabilities. She attributes her interest to the field of Applied Behavior Analysis stemming from childhood experiences of time spent with a cousin who has special needs. Upon furthering her education, Colleen’s interests grew in working with children of all abilities. As a result, Colleen has been providing ABA services for over 25 years working in the areas of early intervention, adult and child mental health, family support, and foster care. She has served as a Consultant, Administrator, and Clinician within state and privately funded agencies, schools, and families homes.

Colleen’s primary interests lie in working with families as a system when applying behavioral interventions, not just working with an individual. She measures success through the children and families that she works with: Seeing a child demonstrate a newly taught skill and watching a parent’s face light up with joy is one of the greatest measures of successes one could hope for.

Colleen lives with her husband on the east coast of Florida. She describes herself as a caring, adventurous and dedicated person with a belief that her work in the field of ABA is important, challenging and rewarding. In her spare time, Colleen loves to surf, SUP, exercise, ski, and travel. She believes that diversity is a world that we live in and should be embraced as there is so much to learn from those who live around us and those who live afar.