Improving Quality of Life Through Effective Intervention
Ashley Pizzoferrato


Regional Clinical Director

Ashley has always had a passion for teaching. Growing up as the eldest to 3 younger siblings, Ashley took as many opportunities as possible to play school with her siblings so that she could play the role of teacher. Ashley continued to carry out her passion of teaching working at a daycare throughout high school and college and eventually completing her undergraduate education in Communication Disorders at the University of Connecticut. It was at that time that Ashley began working with individuals with special needs. This lead Ashley into the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Ashley has since worked in the field of ABA for 5 years and obtained a Master of Education and certification as a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst. Ashley’s education and experience combined, has afforded her the opportunity to use her passion for teaching and make meaningful differences in the lives of many children and adults. To Ashley, this is success.

Ashley has experience working with a wide demographic of learners; ranging from early intervention to adolescents with severe behavioral challenges. Throughout her career, Ashley has gained extensive experience designing and overseeing intensive behavioral interventions. Ashley has worked in private schools, public schools and private home-based and clinic- based organizations. When not working, Ashley enjoys hiking with her dog, catching up on her favorite TV shows, and spending time with family.