Improving Quality of Life Through Effective Intervention
Colleen DeMello


Amanda was introduced to Applied Behavior Analysis during an internship in undergraduate training teaching to children with various special needs. One day in a classroom with these “amazing” exceptional children was all it took for Amanda to realize that she found her passion and career path. On the last day of her internship, Amanda accepted a full- time teaching position and has since expanded her content knowledge and experience across many settings including homes, daycares, communities, public, private, and special education schools as well as across a wide range of ages and abilities.

Amanda states that success is best measured day by day and person by person. It is the proud smile of realization and accomplishment on a child’s face when they demonstrate a new skill for the first time. It is the sight of a child’s face lighting up when you walk into a room. It is the parents seeing their child make these strides of progress towards building independence or when the child makes a new friend at school. It is observing a child walk to a table to complete a task without engaging in problem behaviors or an individual signing “tree” to you to let you know they saw a tree. Just as the abilities of a population are vast, varied, and individualized, so are their successes and should be measured as such.

In her spare time, Amanda enjoys spending time with her family and friends, hiking in the woods, practicing yoga, and reading.