Improving Quality of Life Through Effective Intervention
Luis Vera


Luis feels that his mother has been one of the biggest influences in his life in deciding to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. As a child, Luis remembers his mother working as a Behavior Therapist in Miami, FL and thus incorporating many ABA skills into her parenting. This combined with an internship that exposed Luis to ABA confirmed his love for the field and prompted him to pursue a career in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Luis’ passion for ABA comes not only from the research of successes in the field but also from the pleasure of witnessing interventions be successful and make a difference in one’s life. Whether it is getting a child to independently ask his/her caregiver for an object or activity he/she wants to increasing an individual’s ability to advocate for his or her self without the need for them to engage in challenging behaviors. Luis strongly believes that his ability to increase an individual’s personal and behavioral independence is how one measures success in this field.

Luis was born and raised in Miami, FL. He and his wife recently relocated to New Haven, CT and joined the team of Behavior Analysts at ABS. In July, Luis became the proud parent of a beautiful baby boy which not only brings hours of enjoyment into his life but also motivates Luis to excel and aspire to greater things in life. In Luis’ spare time he enjoys watching college football, playing basketball, skydiving, learning Mandarin and traveling. Luis has traveled to China, Colombia, Mexico, France, Italy and Europe for both education and personal reasons. He describes himself as observant, outgoing and positive as well as passionate, efficient and communicative in his work. Luis is bilingual in English and Spanish languages.