Improving Quality of Life Through Effective Intervention
Laura Bunda


Regional Clinical Director

Laura was drawn to the field of ABA through her graduate studies in Education and her work as an ABA classroom teacher. Within her studies, Laura spent time observing, teaching and applying principles of ABA to children with special needs in a classroom setting. As a result, Laura was able to assist students to develop socially, cognitively and behaviorally. Given Laura’s positive experience with ABA and the fact that she loves to teach, Laura knew becoming a BCBA was the perfect match.

Laura measures success in her work by the ability to reduce a family’s stress, frustration or fears and increasing her clients’ independent functioning. She believes in meeting individuals where they are and building in a forward direction. She describes herself as passionate, committed and direct and hopes that the work that she does is life changing.

Laura grew up in a small town in Texas, and spent some time living in Australia before relocating to the Northeast. She lives in Connecticut with her husband where they are raising their grandson and caring for an elderly parent. When not working, Laura loves to garden, bicycle, cook, watch movies and travel. Laura loves to experience different cultures and countries and hopes that one day she can travel to teach others the science of ABA.