Improving Quality of Life Through Effective Intervention
Abigail Holt


In 2010, Abby was a behavior therapist for an ABA based special education program at a public elementary school in Connecticut. Every success she experienced in her position further ignited her desire to pursue working in the ABA field. In 2013, Abby earned her Master's in Special Education and Graduate Certificates in Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Applied Behavioral Analysis from the University of Saint Joseph in West Hartford, Connecticut.

Dedicated to becoming an influential member of the ABA field, Abby plans on working towards her Ph.D. in Applied Behavioral Analysis. She hopes to reach clients and families that would benefit from ABA therapies in the home, community, and schools. Her career is influenced by all of the amazing individuals she has met on her ABA journey including her professors, supervisors, colleagues, and clients.

Two of Abby's favorite pastimes are skiing and traveling. She has been to Germany, Belgium, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Monaco, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Greece. Being immersed in different cultures brings her so much joy, and gives her the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective. Many of her travel experiences have influenced her work in ABA. When her family traveled to Capri they lived with a non-english speaking family, and Abby drew on sharing mutual experiences to build rapport with her host family. In the two weeks that they spent together the families developed strong bonds using mixed methods of communication and remain connected to this day.